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Baby we'll be fine

She pours me a drink for my parched heart

9/30/09 03:20 am

I am so obsessed with this song right now.


9/25/09 02:41 am

Revelation: Stutters can be sexy

Pittsburgh has been crazy the past few days because of the G20. Downtown Pittsburgh is like a ghost town, no one is down there but police. There are countless detours and closed roads. I've seen multiple bomb squad trucks every day. The sky has been full of helicopters and there are countless state troopers out. The protesters smashed the windows of the Boston Market next to my work, so I don't think they'll have me go in tomorrow. They also smashed windows of my bank on the corner of my street as well as several other banks and chains. I've heard sirens out my window all day.

This shit is b-a-n-a-n-a-s.
Also, does any one else find it impossible to spell bananas without singing the song in their head first?

6/1/09 09:38 pm

So I had my lower right wisdom tooth removed today. It didn't hurt quite as badly as I expected it to, but my face is already swollen. Anyway, so I googled how long I should wait until I can start smoking again. And it really just made me angry. There were so many stupid preachy assholes who didn't have anything constructive to say, just "why are you smoking anyway?" or "use this opportunity to quit smoking"

Dude, fuck you. No one asked for your opinion on smoking, no one cares that you think it's dirty or disgusting. If you don't have anything USEFUL to say, just shut the fuck up and don't reply.

Also, I've decided that as much as I love hockey, I'm not going to let myself watch the SCF games. Last year, whenever I watched the game the Penguins lost. I watched Saturday and Sunday and guess what...I'm not taking that chance again. I'm just going to obsessively check scores and read the live blog.

5/25/09 04:01 pm

4/7/09 10:13 am

Why is there always that one guy in every yoga class who breathes so loudly you can hear him no matter how far away you position yourself?

3/10/09 06:49 pm


we're going on a road trip to new orleans on Friday. We need some country hits for our drive down to dixie.
Any help?

2/22/09 10:31 am

My 21st birthday is tomorrow.
My senior thesis is due tomorrow, I have a page written
I'm leaving for Muncie in half an hour to take the Praxis exam
I haven't properly slept or eaten in days
I am freaking the fuck out

1/11/09 09:43 pm

12/25/08 02:11 am

What is it you want, Mary? What do you want? You want the moon? Just say the word and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down.

12/24/08 12:16 am

I'm just really not looking forward to Christmas.
I wish I could just go back to this time last year.
I wish I was going back to London
I wish I was as happy as I was then
I wish mom was still here

if wishes were horses, if wishes were horses.
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